Saturday, 17 November 2012

An incident over EduNation

An incident over EduNation

Sometimes working with powerful programs, Builder's Buddy, Horizon, the scripting for some transporters, things can go alarmingly wrong.

As I was working on an example of Builder's Buddy use for the Avalon course, a pink pig I had accidentally damaged, exploded!.

The construction into which I had built the pig, two work areas mounted on to access gangways  like those used for passengers to to board planes, went crazy and whizzed round EduNation making erractic twists and dips and turns and making a noise like a hurricane. It went too fast for me to be able to click on anything to get it under control. After trying many times to catch it, it  suddenly sought me out in my place in the sky ("Upstairs") making itself just visible over the top of the stone wall that surrounds that property. I managed a click that brought it under control.

The two red circles are part of the monster at loose

A clearer view of the monster

Monster gone and EduNation once more at peace

Some of the debris left from the monster over a workstation below "Upstairs". More was scattered in the trees and above tnhe sandbox in EduNation. I spent a couple of hours trying to clear up garden benches with only one leg, bits of pig  and bits of British Council lads in different coloured t-shirts.

The edifice that went beserk (In the background "Upstairs")

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