Saturday, 17 November 2012

Web on a prim

Web on a prim

This is how you get any prim you create - the inevitable wooden box, enlarged, made white with full bright   - to act as a TV set.

Here is the recipe for doing it:

1.  Rez a box.
2.  Choose the colour white for it.
3.  Pull and stretch until it is a size for comfortable viewing.


To avoid disappointment, a few moments from now:

Hover your mouse over the loudspeaker symbol, top right,
  • Click on the cog at the bottom and check that:
  • Media is enabled, and the volume turned up.
(It is very difficult to take a shot of this cog because it disappears after a few moments if it is not in use.)

While you are there, check, also, on the Master volume setting.


An easier route to the same place is:

>  Me
>  Preferences
>  Sound and media

Checking on on the media settings. The longer route.
The shorter route


The next step

Almost there

It worked

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