Saturday, 17 November 2012

Builder's Buddy

Getting to know Builder's Buddy

Osna introduced this free tool which enables one to make single holodeck scenes. They are  stored separately, not as in true holodecks where they are saved in collections of scenes.

Builder's Buddy is actually two scripts - one for the base cmoponent (there can only be one base) and  a second script  for other objects or groups of linked objects.

This is what these powerful pieces of magic look like inside:

Top   left  - a small part of the BB script

A word of warning. You have to be very careful of working  with BB if there are other BB products nearby. They are quite likely to get mixed up, or the new one will take over the old one. This is a powerful program. It is possible to alter the radio channels you personally are working with. (See the presentation on Sharescreen).

Although it was written two years ago, and there have been changes to Second Life in that time, I don't think there is anything described in the Sharescreen presentation that is inaccurate, out of date or misleading.

Builder's Buddy-in-10-steps


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